Student Global Health

How Do I Find Meaningful Experiences in Global Health?

Global health is a transdisciplinary field that touches every profession and every discipline. Not to mention the people who need it most, from underprivileged communities suffering from maladies such as pneumonia in children, to outbreaks of listeria symptoms.Interns at Pan-American Health Organization

Problems & Challenges

Before you wed yourself to a specific discipline, profession or pathway, ask yourself, “What problem or challenge do I want to address in the world?” Orienting your thinking around those issues ignites your imagination, curiosity, and creativity. Take depression. Depression affects 121 million people worldwide. Are you one of them? Take the Goldberg Depression Test to find out.


Don’t Pretend

Ignore the urge to declare a career path before you have discovered yourself. You may not have been exposed to jobs, roles, and careers that may be of interest to you. You can only gain this knowledge through deliberate, honest exploration. Or through the exploration of others like you. Asperger’s Syndrome affects people in dramatically varied ways. Someone you know may have Asperger’s without you even being aware, while in another, the symptoms may be impossible to miss.

pan-american health organization

Connect the Dots

To ‘connect the dots’ in the 21st century, you must have enough dots to connect. As you explore your interests from a variety of perspectives, you will discover novel ways to address the complex problems and challenges we face in health and beyond. Intra-Uterine Devices, for example. IUDs can prevent many women in underprivileged or remote areas from succumbing to unwanted pregnancies. But chief among the difficulties in these areas is the actual IUD Insertion itself. But we’re finding ways to make it work.

There Is No Path

The only true career path is the one that you walk. It is important for you to create your own path that makes sense for you, that helps you to grow, and allows you to address the problems and challenges in the world that capture your attention.

Students From The University of Chicago

Many of you are from the renowned public health program at the University of Chicago. This program has sent us students each year for the last five in an unfailing show of support.

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